TOCC Bus Schedule – Sells Area

Tohono O’odham Community College is now offering free transportation, Monday-Friday in the Sells area for students and faculty. Below is a list of times the bus will leave each area. Please arrive 5 minutes ahead to ensure you do not get left behind.

White Shuttle – Robert
Transportation from Main Campus/Central Campus/Bashas/West Campus (Morning Only)
Leave Main Campus at 8:05 AM. Arrive Central Campus at 8:20 AM. Depart Central Campus at 8:25 AM to Bashas.
Arrive at Bashas at 8:35 AM. Depart Bashas at 8:40 AM. Arrive West Campus at 8:50 AM.

Transportation to Bashas for West Campus Students, including 1 stop at Central Campus (Noon Only)
Leave West Campus at 12:15 PM. Arrive Bashas at 12:20 PM. Depart Bashas for Central Campus at 12:25 PM. Arrive Central Campus at
12:30 PM. Depart back to West Campus at 12:35 PM.

Revised August 15, 2014


Printable Bus schedule


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