College President

Sam ’a’ i masma!

Welcome to Tohono O’odham Community College!

On behalf of a highly dedicated faculty and staff, I want to welcome you to Tohono O’odham Community College. TOCC’s mission is to enhance the unique Tohono O’odham Himdag by strengthening individuals, families, and communities through holistic, quality higher education services. These services will include research opportunities and programs that address academic, life and development skills.

I hope you will take a moment to explore all that TOCC has to offer. We are committed to supporting students with personalized attention toward the completion of their goals. TOCC is a growing and vibrant community made up of students, faculty and staff who work together, for it is only this way that the community as a whole can improve.

We accomplish our goals by remaining true to the Tohono O’odham core beliefs:

  • T-Wohocudadag – Our Beliefs
  • T-Apedag – Our Well-Being
  • T-Pi:k Elida – Our Deepest Respect
  •  I-We:mta – Working Together

·        Thank you for your interest in Tohono O’odham Community College. We look forward to helping you achieve
your goals.

T-a ’ep ’em-ñei,

James Vander Hooven


James Vander Hooven, Ed.D.


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