TOCC History
Timeline of TOCC History
Since the early 1970’s, Tohono O’odham leaders and members of the community discussed higher education opportunities and dreamed about
having a college here for the Tohono O’odham.
1998 The Tohono O’odham Legislative Council passes resolutions chartering a community college and appointing trustees.


1999 The Board of Trustees meets and sets an ambitious agenda: to hire a Native American president within two years and a Tohono O’odham president within five years; and to achieve accreditation within five years. The Board hires TOCC’s first president, Dr. Richard Durán and states TOCC’s mission, vision, and goals.
2000 Classes start in January; a summer session is also offered.
2001 The Tohono O’odham Nation Career Center becomes part of TOCC. The College’s second president (and first Native American president), Dr. Robert G. Martin, is hired.
2002 A second campus opens in Sells in temporary buildings.
2003 Initial candidacy for accreditation is confirmed by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (the HLCNCA).
2004 TOCC accepts a land offer from Schuk Toak District for a permanent campus. The Tohono O'odham Nation allocates $6 million for the first phase of construction. TOCC is designated a land grant institution.
2005 TOCC achieves accreditation from the HLCNCA. The College accepts a land offer from Pisinemo District for a satellite campus. The College’s first Tohono O’odham president, Ms. Olivia Vanegas-Funcheon, is inaugurated. The land at Schuk Toak is blessed.
2006 The Pisinemo site is blessed, and the Capital Campaign is launched.
2007 TOCC has largest graduation to date. The Pisinemo lease is signed.
2008 The Capital Campaign goes public. The Schuk Toak lease is signed.
2009 Pre-construction activities such as water testing, digging of a well, laying of cable, and planning meetings are conducted.
2010 TOCC prepares for re-accreditation by the HLC-NCA.
2011 TOCC is re-accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) with a visit planned in two years focusing on assessment and strategic planning.  The TOCC Board of Trustees appoints the College’s fourth president, Dr. James Vander Hooven, who begins his term on October 31, 2011.







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