Assessment of Student Learning

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Assessment Plan

This area provides information about TOCC’s assessment of student learning and curriculum process. Assessment of student learning helps assure that TOCC is delivering high quality learning experiences and that students are mastering the learning outcomes the College identifies. When we refer to curriculum, we are referring not only to the overall educational experience within a degree program but also to the educational experience within a course. There are three curriculum types: (1) general education curriculum, (2) program curriculum, and (3) course curriculum.


Please use links below for definitions of the terminology used in this process.

Student Learning Assessment at TOCC

There are three levels of student learning assessment: (1) General Education Goals assessment, (2) Program Learning Outcome (PLO) assessment, and (3) Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment, which occurs at the course level. This section will cover the second and third types of assessment. Before beginning specific areas of assessment, faculty and staff who are exploring the assessment process at TOCC are strongly encouraged to look at assessment of student learning specific to tribal colleges. A great resource for this is a publication by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, which can be found here.

Ongoing Assessment of Student Learning

The purpose of this section is to provide guidance on the process of ongoing assessment of student learning.

Curriculum Process

This section describes the submission process for four types of curriculum: (1) request for a new program, (2) request for modification to a current program, (3) request for a new course, and (4) request for modification to an existing course. At TOCC faculty, staff, or community members can propose curriculum, therefore this information is not limited to faculty. If you have an idea for curriculum and are not sure how to proceed, please contact the Dean of Academics at The Dean’s office will provide consultation and refer you to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee which is a faculty group that can give further direction and consultation on curriculum development.

The submission process starts with the appropriate form for your curriculum proposal:

After the curriculum has been fully developed, and the developer has had it peer reviewed by other faculty, then it is time to go through the approval process.