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Apprenticeship Program Coordinator

Justine Romero
office-520479-2300 ext.2341

Under its current structure Tohono O’odham Community College (TOCC)  is listed by the US Department of Labor (DOL) as capable of providing support for apprentices in six trades: Carpentry,Electrical, Plumbing,Heavy Equipment Operation (HEO)  Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and Painting. TOCC currently has 1 HVAC tech, 7 Carpenters, 4 electricians, 6 plumbers and 4 heavy equipment operators and 3 painters for a total of 25 apprentices. 

The College is providing liaison with several different entities so that active apprentices can be placed and take advantage of some curriculum support through use of the NCCER books and testing service. These small efforts are important to the individuals who benefit from them, but TOCC recognizes the need to ramp up its apprentice program so that it can provide opportunities for many more interested community members. That requires investments in terms of funds, facilities, and personnel.

Some of the efforts include refurbishing an office space to house the Apprenticeship Program at the Wiṣag Koṣ Maṣcamakuḍ – Hawk’s Nest Campus just west of Sells on Highway 86 (formerly called “west campus”). TOCC also hired a coordinator for the program in 2021. Currently the coordinator is working with TOCC, the DOL and outside entities to organize the program. 

All questions and inquiries regarding the program should be directed to the coordinator, Justine Romero, 520-993-6457 or TOCC Main Line 520-479-2300 ext. 2341. If you would like to leave your contact information please fill out the form below and the coordinator will contact you.


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