Board of Trustees

Dr. Ofelia Zepeda

Trustee since 2002
From Stanfield, Arizona

Mr. Bernard G. Siquieros

Vice Chair
Trustee since 2002
From Sells District

Mr. Jonas R. Robles

Elder Member
Trustee since 2007
From Ge Aji District

Ms. Mary Bliss

Trustee since 2019
From San Xavier District

Interested in Serving on Our Board of Trustees?

Please consider joining this dedicated group who provides guidance to Tohono O’odham Community College. Current trustees have described how rewarding and enjoyable their experiences have been. To serve on the Board, an individual needs to meet these requirements:

1. Be a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation

2. Have sound judgment, demonstrated through experience in or dedication to higher education

3. Hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning

4. Be recognized as a professional in one’s field of endeavor

For Elder Trustees, points 2-4 may be met by one’s status as a Tohono O’odham elder. To begin the process, simply write a letter expressing your interest, or nominating someone else who is willing, to:

Chairperson of the Tohono O’odham Nation
Executive Office
P.O. Box 837
Sells, AZ 85634

Click here for more information.

The Board of Trustees meets monthly. In June 2021, they held a retreat in Tucson. From left: Jonas Robles, Mary Bliss, Tony Chana, Dr. Ofelia Zepeda, and Bernard Siquieros.

Not pictured: Libby Francisco. Photo by Evan Thomas.

Dr. Ofelia Zepeda

Dr. Zepeda, Chairwoman, is from Stanfield, Arizona and traces her family roots to the O’odham in Mexico. She is both a Regents’ Professor with the Department of Linguistics and the Head of the American Indian Studies Department at the University of Arizona. She earned her Doctorate, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Linguistics from the University of Arizona.

Bernard Siquieros

Vice Chairman Siquieros is from Sells District. He is enjoying his retirement after a career of working for the Tohono O’odham Nation. Mr Siquieros’ most recent post was as the Education Curator of Himdag Ki: Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum. He is a former Director of the Tohono O’odham Nation Education Department. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education at the University of Arizona, and pursued graduate studies in education at Arizona State University.

Jonas R. Robles

Board of Trustees Member Jonas Robles is from Ge Aji (Gu Achi) District and served as Gu Achi District Chairman for thirteen years. He is retired from the Tohono O’odham Nation Behavioral Health where he was a Substance Abuse Counselor. Mr. Robles attended Pima Community College and Northwest Indian College. He is an Elder Member of the Board of Trustees.

Mary Bliss

Board of Trustees Member Mary Bliss is from Wa:k (San Xavier) District. She has retired from Social Work, formerly worked with the Archie Hendricks, Sr. Skilled Nursing Facility’s Hospice Program and continues to volunteer as her schedule permits. Mrs. Bliss earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Arizona State University.