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P.O. Box 3129
Sells, AZ 85634

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Phone Numbers

Main Line: (520) 479-2300

(520) 361-3495 from Gu Achi & Sif Oidak Districts

(520) 362-3281 from Gu Vo, Hickiwan, and Pisinemo Districts


Fax: (520) 383-8403


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 3129
Sells, AZ 85634

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Tohono O'odham Community College
S-cuk Du'ag Maṣcamakuḍ (Main Campus)

S-cuk Du’ag Maṣcamakuḍ (Main Campus) is located on Arizona Highway 86, Milepost 125.5 North. Please look out for the TOCC campus billboard and marquee.

The following are located at S-cuk Du’ag Maṣcamakuḍ:

  • Financial Aid Office
  • Student Services
  • GED Testing site
  • Student Success Center
  • Academic Advisor
  • Retention Coordinator
  • Student Counselor
  • Admission & Records
  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Pre-College Outreach Coordinator
  • Student Dorms

Tohono O'odham Community College
Komckuḍ ʼE-Wa:ʼosidk Maṣcamakuḍ
(Central Campus)

TOCC Komckuḍ ʼE-Wa:ʼosidk Maṣcamakuḍ (Central Campus) is located off Arizona Highway 86, Milepost 115.5 North, behind Indian Oasis Elementary School – Intermediate Campus. Please look out for the TOCC campus signs. The following are located at Komckuḍ ʼE-Wa:ʼosidk Maṣcamakuḍ :

  • Administrative Services and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects
  • Outreach & Events Specialist
  • President’s Office

Tohono O'odham Community College
Wiṣag Koṣ Maṣcamakuḍ
(East Campus)

TOCC Wiṣag Koṣ Maṣcamakuḍ (West Campus) is located at Mile Marker 111 on Arizona Highway 86, just west of Sells, Arizona at the former Tohono O’odham Career Center.

The following are located at Wiṣag Koṣ Maṣcamakuḍ:

  • Building Construction Technology Program
  • Community of Practice Coordinator
  • TOCC Development, LLC
  • Director of Operations
  • Institutional Effectiveness Research
  • Land Grant Office for Sustainability
    • Extension Manager
    • Student Learning Farm
    • USDA Research Grant