Administrative and Professional Staff

Executive Administration

President’s Office

Paul Robertson, PhD



Mario Montes-Helu, PhD

Dean for Sustainability


Curtis Peterson, PhD

Dean of Academics

Student Services

Naomi Tom, M.S.

Dean of Student Services

Finance Office

Joann Miguel 

Dean of Finance


Admissions & Records

Chandra Claw, B.S.


BCT Advising

Pauline Nasewytewa 

Building Construction

Technology Program Advisor

Student Life

Sylvia Hendricks, M.A. 

Director of Student Life

Financial Aid

Enrique Hernandez, M.A.

Financial Aid Manager

Human Resources

Stacy Owsley, M.S.

Director of Human Resources

Information Technology

Deshon Miguel

Information Technology


Land Grant Office of Sustainability

Donald Breazeale PhD



Ofelia Liz Zepeda, MLIS

Library Director

Occupational Education

Anselmo Ramon, M.Ed

Chair of Academic Programs in Workforce and Community Development


Jay Juan

Director of Operations

Title III

Kristin Eberhardt, M.F.A., M.Ed.

Project Director, Title III Grant

Residence Life

Gabriel Valencia, B.A.

Residence Life Coordinator


Ronald Felix, B.A.

Retention Coordinator

Special Projects & Initiatives Manager

Daniel Sestiaga, Jr., MPH

Tohono O’odham Language Center

Ronald Geronimo, M.A.

Co-Director of the Tohono Oʼodham Language Center

Leslie Luna, B.A

Co-Director of the Tohono Oʼodham Language Center

Academic Advisor

Iris Francisco B.S.

Academic Coordinator

Morningstar Carroll, A.A.S.


Alberta Espinoza, M.Ed

Cultural Liaison

Juana Jose, M.A.

Farm Manger/Extension Agent 

Clifford Pablo

GEO SMART Project Director

Jackson Doe

Head Athletic Coach

Michael Steward, B.A.

Phoenix Center Coordinator

Jiivik Siiki, M.A.

Senior Cultural Mentor

Camillus Lopez

STEM Program Coordinator

Joshua Hoskinson, M.S. 

Other Professional/Technical Staff

Diana Antone, A.A.

Financial Aid Technician

Mary Banks, BS

GIS Technician, GEO: SMART Project

Avis Becenti

Student Support Specialist I

Student Life/ Student Services

Gloria Benavidez, A.A.

Student Support Specialist II

Student Services

Elsa Peterson, A.A.S., A.A.

Community of Practice

Darrellene Clark

Facilities Maintenance


Wendi Cline MLIS 

Library Assistant

Delores Felix

Bookstore/Office Assistant

Grace Francisco

Lead Facilities Maintenance


Gracie Garcia

Lead Cook

Annastasia Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant for Sustainability

Xavier Gonzales

Security Guard

Daun Hume

Data Entry Clerk

Novia James, A.A., A.B.U.S.

Financial Aid Officer

Sonny Jim

Security Guard

Andriana Jose B.S.

Principal Accountant

Ben Jose, A.A.S.

Research Assistant

Georgianna Jose


Jai Juan B.S.


Danielle Kouyoumdjian

Bookstore Supervisor


Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Services & Finance

Timothy Larsen, B.S.

Assistant Coach

Valentine Lee

Security Guard

Rafael Lewis

Facilities Maintenance


Ambrose Lopez, Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship in Carpentry

Lead Facilities Technician

LeAnn Lopez, A.A.S.

Payroll Technician

Monte Lopez, B.A.

Multimedia Coordinator

Nakio Lopez

Facilities Maintenance Technician

Michael Mainus, B.S.


Joaquin Mattias

Shuttle Driver

Tashina Machain B.S.

Administrative Assistant

Anne Miguel 

Security Guard

Joyce Miguel, AAS

Farm Manager/ Extension Agent Assistant

Kristen Miguel


Shawn Nez, A.A.S

IT Technician (GEO Smart


Carmella Pablo

Library Assistant

Anthony Saraficio

Shuttle Driver

Ingrid Felix RainCloud

Director of Sponsored Projects

Kea Skeate, MS

STEM Technician (Part-time)

AnnaMarie Stevens, MEd

Transition Coordinator

Evan Thomas

Special Assistant to the President

Calvert Wichapa

Shuttle Driver

Mickie Widener

Human Resources Assistant